Electrical Wiring Interconnection System EWIS

Electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS) training is a mandatory training for certifying as required by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). Its content is based on EASA AMC 20-22 and FAA AC120-94. The course is offered at different levels, depending on the target group (see below).

After completing their training, the participant will be able to properly evaluate an EWIS and effectively use the manufacturer’s chapter 20 wiring system overhaul manual for the aircraft type concerned. The topics covered in the course include wiring system condition, applicable repair schemes, wiring modifications and ancillary repairs to wiring systems and components. All the training components are integrated to ensure that the aircraft’s wiring system quality and airworthiness are consistently maintained.

  • Module A – General electrical wiring interconnection system practices
  • Module B – Wiring practices documentation
  • Module C – Inspections
  • Module D – Housekeeping
  • Module E – Wire
  • Module F – Connective devices
  • Module G – Connective device repair
After completing the course, the participant will – depending on the modules covered – be able to:
  • describe or demonstrate the safe handling of aircraft electrical systems including line replaceable units (LRUs), tooling, troubleshooting procedures and electrical measurement
  • describe or demonstrate the structure and navigation of the applicable aircraft wiring system overhaul or wiring practices manual
  • describe the different types of inspection, human factors in inspections, zonal areas and typical damage
  • describe contamination sources, materials and cleaning and protection procedures
  • describe or demonstrate the correct identification of different wire types, their inspection criteria and damage tolerances and repair and preventive maintenance procedures
  • describe or demonstrate the procedures to identify, inspect and find the correct repair for typical types of connective device found on the aircraft type concerned
  • Demonstrate the procedures for replacing all the parts of typical types of connective device found on the aircraft type concerned.
Target groups
  • Target Group 1: qualified staff performing EWIS maintenance
  • Target Group 2: qualified staff performing EWIS maintenance inspections
  • Target Group 3: qualified staff performing electrical/avionics engineering on in-service aircraft
  • Target Group 4: qualified staff performing general maintenance and/or inspections not involving wire maintenance (an LRU change is not considered wire maintenance)
  • Target Group 5: qualified staff performing other engineering or planning work on in-service aircraft
  • Target Group 6: other service staff with duties in proximity to electrical wiring interconnection systems
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