Human Factors in Aviation

This course will give students an introduction to Human Factors and is a mandatory requirement for all EASA Part 145 approved organisations as outlined in EASA145.A.30(e) National Authorities 10 Part Programme. The course will explore the implications of error, organizational safety culture, procedures, safety policy, and methods of communication.

The course will give students a better understanding of the subject and improve standards and compliance.
  • Explain the need to take human factors into account and identify the limits of human performance
  • Explain the social, psychological and physical conditions that affect human performance
  • Explain how types of work tasks and communications affect human performance in the workplace
  • Explain how human error and hazards in the workplace lead to accidents and how these can be avoided
Target groups
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Engineers
  • Airport personnel
  • Authorities
  • Management
  • Quality assurance personnel

The business today is more safety focused than ever; it has become almost mandatory for every MRO today to have the part-145 Maintenance approval. At Aero link solution, we understand this as a business need. Our experts will walk you through

MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION APPROVALS – PART-145 Consolidated version of Part-145 (Annex II) of the Commission Regulation

EC No. 2042/2003, and related EASA Decisions (Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material), as amended

Revision August 2012 with the sole objective of preparing you for the audits.


The agency is responsible for the management of all applications for organizations whose principal place of business is outside the territory of the EU for EASA Part-145 maintenance organization approvals (MOA), EASA Part-147 maintenance training organization approvals (MTOA), EASA Part-M Subpart G continuing airworthiness management organization (CAMO) and EASA Part-M Subpart F approvals (Subpart F).Our role is to help the local organization put their house in order before they submit their application to the authority. We do this by providing EASA experts on site to walk you through the certification process.

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